Hiruy Amanuel is an investor that is dedicated to developing the IT sector in Africa. Based in East Africa, Mr. Amanuel has co-founded several tech companies, including Gebeya Inc., which is involved in increasing opportunities for Africa’s IT professionals through capacity building. Hiruy Amanuel is helping bring the best of African tech-talent to the world and impacting countless people’s lives on the way. In the tech sector, A.J. Ventures focuses its attention on emerging technologies such as those created by Meta, a developer of innovative augmented reality headsets.


Hiruy Amanuel’s commitment to empowering individuals and communities through supporting technology and education is also reflected in his philanthropic endeavors. He is currently working to secure much-needed funding to build schools in Eastern Africa. He also actively supports the Silicon Valley-based Mz Shirliz Transitional, a group dedicated to providing support resources and vocational training to those transitioning from rehabilitation programs, jail, or prison.